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Hello and Goodbye

You had me at “hello”…

No, I really didn’t say those words, but it must’ve been how it was. Back in the day, as I reminisce.

It’s funny how time flies, it’s already nine years later. That feeling seemed so far away. It’s a bittersweet moment, but we cannot let that prevent us from our destiny. The path that we chose took us to opposite sides.

It’s funny how life has its games, never giving you what you want. Every blinking moment is a different outcome. Although we tried not to let it overtake us, but the inevitable still occurred. Not by storm nor fire, it was calm as a breeze.

Destiny is a mystery. Forever holds the key. It’s hard to achieve something nearly impossible, sad that we didn’t pass that test. Have no fear, for God is always there, and we can always lean on Him for love, for help. Goodbye may be an end to one journey, but an end always means a new beginning, and we shall toast to a brighter day.

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