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    Sad Day Again

    Another sad day as I sent my boyfriend off to Vancouver again. I miss him so much already. The little two weeks we had together felt like the old times again. It just doesn’t seem like he will leave again. Life is short, the time you have is so limited. Like many others, I wish I could freeze time and relive the happy moments over and over again.

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    A New Beginning

    As I sit in this flight back to LA from Vancouver, I have a huge grin on my heart. Yes, that’s right, I said my heart. This trip has been the greatest trip I’ve ever took. Everything is in the right place now. I feel very happy, joyful, ecstatic, and whatever other adjectives that can describe the state of euphoria. They say life is full of obstacles, and I feel that we have just crossed and passed one of the biggest obstacles. Not saying everything will be perfect, but it feels like it will be smooth sailing from now. I will continue to fight for him, for us. Nobody’s perfect,…