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    Everybody Goes to Hollywood

    We went to Hollywood awhile back to pick up some Beard Papas cream puffs. Those things are super tasty. I wore my fuchsia litas for the first time, and they didn't hurt at all compared to the red glitter ones. Every time I wear my litas, I can hear passersby murmuring things about my shoes. What can I say, I just love bright and statement-making shoes.

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    Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day!! It's so nice to have one day off in the middle of the week and still get paid 😀 The day started out wonderful with a wake up call from boyfriend. Then we spent the whole day in Venice Beach. I walked probably about 2 miles in those shoes, and they killed my legs and feet. I'm not sure why these hurt so bad. My fuchsia litas didn't hurt at all when I wore it through out the whole day. Maybe the glitter ones are slightly different. However, I go so many compliments on these shoes while walking in Venice Beach, I'm so glad I bought them…

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    Spring Pastel

    We went to the Korean Friendship Bell in San Pedro this past Saturday. The view was spectacular, overlooking Long Beach. Then some girls walked by and yelled out that they liked my shoes :D, and my boyfriend was like "is that why you wear them??" So silly of him 🙂 I then changed into my flats and we played a bit with the boomerang, very unsuccessful. [inline][inline]