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    14 Years

    14 years ago’s today, April 23, 1995, I arrived in America. It seemed so long ago. But the number 14, seemed so small. I can still remember the first time I set my foot on this foreign soil. I was only 11 at the time. The first thing (or one of the first thing) I said to my grandparents was “this doesn’t feel much different”. I distinctively remember my grandma got so mad about that statement. She thought it was insulting. I was simply stating my view. One thing that really felt weird at the moment was the empty streets. Nobody walks on the sidewalks. I thought it was an…

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    Greater bird of paradise

    Greater bird of paradise, originally uploaded by woonyen77. This is going to be my bird/wing reference. For my application, I have to create a digital portrait of myself, and I’m going to give myself wings, and the wings from this species of birds is going to be my wings. I’ve learned about them when I was really little, and always been fascinated with these birds. So, I will paint myself with these type of wings. Hopefully they will turn out to be nice 🙂

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    Shopping and Such

    Well, what’s better to do than shopping on a beautiful day? I can’t seem to stop my spending habits. Of course, I don’t like to “waste” money, gotta pay bills first. But those shoes and jeans are always calling my name. I’m sure you felt this before. I got me the Smashbox in pout and Make Up For Ever eyeshadow in Orange. That was the only place I could find orange eyeshadow. Bought another pair of jeans, by Apple Bottoms (had bought one Rocawear and Hell Bellz last weekend), and the Apple Bottoms dress I’ve always wanted. I really should have spent my day writing my essay and working on…