• Life


    My mom is here visiting me in UK, and we are going to London next week. This sheds a light on my recent depression. This is also my first vacation in about 5 years. It’s going to be great. I might actually get the chance to finish up this site. However, the downside is that my hard drive is not working, and all my files are on there from years ago. But I’m optimistic about this, everything is going to be great.

  • Past


    How do you deal with a broken heart that’s never going to heal? Even though you trick yourself into believing that you’re going to be fine, but the reality is that, you are never going to be the same. Things will never be how they used to be, you can never find that joy again. It just burns deep inside. The scar you have digs into your soul, and you’re no longer the same. Yes, you end up being extremely superficial on the outside, and shows no emotion, period. You know all the right things to say to another who’s experiencing a heartache like you, but you never take your…

  • Love & Relationship


    People say that everything happens for a reason. How come every time I try to make a change, something keeps pulling me back? I guess that’s life’s way of showing me signs. I feel like everyone around me is moving further and further away from me. I’m like a stranger to them now. Yes, I feel so isolated, so destroyed. So much pain. I just want it to all go away. I just want to be that happy person again. Do I not deserve happiness? Is the world that cruel to me? I’m filling myself with materialistic things to take my mind away from the pain, but in the end,…