• Lookbook

    Oriental Feel

    This was the day before boyfriend left for Vancouver. We met up with one of his friends for lunch, and I decided to wear something casual and flowy. Turns out it wasn't too casual, but I still had fun dressing up. I wore my Jeffrey Campbell Newsies, which I bought from Solestruck for 50% off deal from the Black Friday sale. I had bought two pairs of shoes during the last day on the black friday marathon they had. 50% off of shoes on sale. However, after a few days, only to find an email that one of the pairs was already sold out. So Solestruck refunded me and gave…

  • Love & Relationship

    Sad Day Again

    Another sad day as I sent my boyfriend off to Vancouver again. I miss him so much already. The little two weeks we had together felt like the old times again. It just doesn't seem like he will leave again. Life is short, the time you have is so limited. Like many others, I wish I could freeze time and relive the happy moments over and over again.

  • Lookbook

    Fast 6 Date

    We went to see Fast 6 today. It was a very action packed movie. Lots of super unrealistic stunts, predictable outcomes. Anyways, we've decided to try the new AMC dine in theater. It was actually a great experience. The food was surprisingly good. Good portions and very delicious. Since my baby is back in town for a few more days, I've recovered mostly from my cold, I've decided to break out my new Motel gladdy dress and my new JC soiree heels. I just love these shoes, wish I could have it in every color. Only got it in the regular black/clear, white, and blue suede. Motel Gladdys Dress Jeffrey…