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I am a shopaholic. Then again, what girl isn’t? I’ve been buying lots of little things here and there. I just grabbed a sale for a pair of boots for $5.00. I can’t wait for it to arrive. I’m also pretty addicted to the site Chictopia, making my hands even more itching for shopping.

Lately I’ve been feeling nostalgia. I’ve been listening to Pac’s music, just thinking how things were back then. It wasn’t even that far in the past. A little over 10 years. Things changed fast. Technology advanced fast. Just think, in the last 50 years, so much has changed throughout the world, what’s going to happen in the next 50 years? How much more advanced are we going to be? Are we really going to run out of resources to live on this planet in this short amount of time? Before that, we have been living on this planet for over thousands of years, but this period has been the fastest growing period for us in everything. Sometimes, when I look towards the future, I get scared. I often wonder if the world is coming to an end soon.

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  • Katy

    $5 boots? Share the secrets with a fellow shopaholic!! Lol.

    Yeah I went crazy shopping online this week.. bought soo much things from books, clothes, boots, wigs (!!), gloves and accessories. At least it’s payday today. =P

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