Finally, I sent in my application last night, well, really 4am this morning.  I feel so relieved.  Now the only thing I have to do is to get the transcript to them.  I remember getting a transcript when I first graduated, but now I can’t find it any where.  So I’m going end up having to pay $10 for an additional transcript.

Here is my digital portrait submitted for the school:
digital portrait

Ok, on the subject of swine flu. What is going on? I may get a lot of people get mad at me, but I’m going to say it any way. It’s just a flu! Flu has been killing people for a LONG time. There has never been a cure for flu. I don’t understand the panic. Sure, I’ve had flu and even pneumonia. It’s not that huge of a deal. You should always take precaution even not in the flu season. You should never breathe someone else’s sneeze or cough. Period. So now that swine flu is here, everyone is going crazy with the precautions. I don’t understand. Boyfriend thinks it’s a government scandal. I actually kind of believe it in a way. Few days ago, I read in WSB news that two people in GA that were diagnosed with swine flu REFUSED treatment from the health department. That got me thinking. Why in the hell would you refuse treatment? Were they going to do something bad to those people? As in testing and killing them? With all the different things going on, it feels like the end of world is coming sooner and sooner.

Ok, next topic. I know this blog is long, I have a lot on my mind that I need to get off. My mom’s husband’s son Joe is back from the marines. He’s 21. He got married few years ago to an Indian girl. The thing is, the girl’s parents are very traditional, believe in arranged marriage. So she’s been lying to them the whole time, declared independent (under 24, your parents still can claim you on taxes unless you’re independent) to say that she can get more student loan money. So she’s a deceiver. Hey, who hasn’t lie to their parents? But…maybe not that much.

So the bottom line, he’s back, wants to stay with his dad, and the girl/wife wants to stay here too. Now she lives in the same city, so it’s not like long distance. My mom is very much against it b/c she doesn’t want them to fuck in her new house. So when they came, she told him to get a hotel b/c the husband/dad is too chicken to say anything to his son. So they kind of got into this argument with Joe telling my mom to mind her own business. I was PISSED OFF. How the FUCK you gonna tell my mom some SHIT like that? But I held my cool (I was in my room, listening in) since my mom didn’t want me to get into it with him. Then my mom, being as nice and peaceful as she is, cooled things off with Joe. So he brings her in the house.

I waited awhile, chatted up with boyfriend about whether I should cuss him out or not. So boyfriend calmed me down, and I went ahead to talk to Joe. After I told him about how he was disrespecting my mom and I don’t want it happen again, he apologized, but kept trying to make it right. His point was that he was mad b/c he can’t have his wife at his dad/my mom’s house. And note this, both him and his wife knew that my mom and her husband are against it. They still came any way. Tell me this, would you go somewhere you know damn well you’re not welcome if you didn’t want to start drama? He kept denying that they want trouble. But I don’t believe that BS. I know that if I’m going somewhere that people don’t like me, I want to start something. Common sense will tell you to avoid problem if you don’t want none. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. But some people are just plain stupid.

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