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    Tutu Skirt

    Wore this on our date awhile back. I just love ruffles and tutu skirts. It's so feminine, cute, and sexy at the same time. I also snatched up these peep toes at Marshalls for only $40!!

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    Silver Shoes

    I adore those shoes!! Got them few years ago from DSW for only $40 from a $200 mark down!! What a steal! Forever21 shirt, Luxirie destroyed jeans, Modern Vintage oxford

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    Surgery Day

    Today is the day for boyfriend to get his wrist surgery. He has his scaphoid bone in each of his wrist broken. They did the surgery on the right one first. They had to cut his hip open to take a bone for bone graft in order to heal his wrist bone. Everything went well, and he is SO high on pain killers. I'm just happy that he was able to go through it without any complications. Funny thing at the hospital, the old lady nurse was almost like hitting on him. She's calling him "son", admiring his jacket, saying he's such a "sweetheart". Maybe she see him as a…