Saying Goodbye is the Hardest Thing…

I’m never with saying goodbye. Yet that time has come again. I have to cut ties with people I have made strong connections with again. My heart is heavy, I’m so hurt. When I came here, I never intended to get close to anybody. But the heart is cruel. It caught me way off guard this time. I’m going to miss all the good times we had in class. Those are the memories I will take with me and remember them forever.

I know that every ending is a new beginning, but it’s hard to say goodbye to those that are close to you. We’ve became a family for this past year and they’ve became a part of you and your everyday activities. It’s almost second nature. But like the Chinese saying 天下没有不散的宴席 (literal translation: there’s no such thing as never ending feast), which means all good things come to an end, our end is here. It breaks my heart to see our studio, our home for the last arduous year being dismantled in front of my eyes. The weather has not been helping the mood either. It’s been grey and depressing. Raining like crazy everyday since the course was over. Maybe even God can feel my pain.

This has been a wonderful year, I don’t regret anything because everything happened for a reason. Although I would say sometimes I want to turn back time, but I can’t live in the past, I have to look forward to the future. No matter how sad, scary it may seem, I have to find my strength in God, He does not give us anything that we can’t handle.

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