What Should I Do

Here’s a quick update on life.

The industry I work in has been deteriorating fast in LA for the past few years, and the pace has picked up starting at the end of last year. Since this April, after finishing up the last movie I worked on, I have been out of work. If you’re in the movie industry, it’s actually pretty normal, but not under this special circumstance. Personally, I have been working since I was 16, never had a real spring break or a summer vacation since then, so I’m a bit taken back by the time off. As I try to enjoy it as a normal human being, I can’t help but worry about my next step. Our industry is so volatile, I’m trying to figure out if I have to move to another country or will there be work in LA. I have a very small amount of motivation to do anything constructive, except for fitness. I want to post more on my blog, but every time I start, I get distracted. The main problem I face is not being able to be with my boyfriend, who had to move to Vancouver last year. Right now I’m really tired of LA, I just want to get away. LA has definitely lost its luster. Even the beach doesn’t cheer me up. But I have to be positive, believe that things will get better soon.

End of rant.

Happier times, London trip May 2013
London, Buckingham Palace

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