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    Everybody Goes to Hollywood

    We went to Hollywood awhile back to pick up some Beard Papas cream puffs. Those things are super tasty. I wore my fuchsia litas for the first time, and they didn't hurt at all compared to the red glitter ones. Every time I wear my litas, I can hear passersby murmuring things about my shoes. What can I say, I just love bright and statement-making shoes.

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    Independence Day

    Happy Independence Day!! It's so nice to have one day off in the middle of the week and still get paid 😀 The day started out wonderful with a wake up call from boyfriend. Then we spent the whole day in Venice Beach. I walked probably about 2 miles in those shoes, and they killed my legs and feet. I'm not sure why these hurt so bad. My fuchsia litas didn't hurt at all when I wore it through out the whole day. Maybe the glitter ones are slightly different. However, I go so many compliments on these shoes while walking in Venice Beach, I'm so glad I bought them…

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    Tutu Skirt

    Wore this on our date awhile back. I just love ruffles and tutu skirts. It's so feminine, cute, and sexy at the same time. I also snatched up these peep toes at Marshalls for only $40!!